KTE Associates

Since we welcome our first KTE member into the company in the summer of 2017 we have loved having our separate company training sessions and rehearsals.

These have geven us the opportunity to develop technique using free exercises from a multitude of sources and Tap Dance Masters from around the world.

It also allows us to focus on KTE Repertory and Classical Tap Dance Repertory. Here at KTE we believe that we are a part of a global tap dance community with a rich history and ancestory. By learning repertory, some of which was conceived during the days on Vaudeville in the 1930’s, we are honouring the roots of tap dance, maintaining the authenticity and sharing knowledge to future generations.

In the current COVID-climate we decided to broaden our membership and, following audition, accepted new KTE Associates from around Ireland.

Our KTE Program is really important to us and as we are all now getting used to online learning, we are so happy to welcome KTE Associates from Carlow, Drogheda, Dublin, Limerick, Kildare, Wexford as well as Kerry

Dr Trish Melton, KTE Director

We will be accepting new KTE Associates twice a year – Sept and March. Please contact us for more information