So what’s new and what’s coming up in KTE……

Its been a fun school year so far……

Aug 19 – we kicked off with a workshop with Avalon Rathgeb

Aug 19 – performance at the Rose of Tralee Festival, Kerry, Ireland

Sept 19 – Regular term-time KTE sessions restarted as well as dance school schedule of classes

Oct 19 – Performance at the Camp Fair, Kerry, Ireland

Nov 19 – Avalon came back for her 2nd workshop

Dec 19 – ISTD Tap Exams

Jan 20 – KTE attended & performed residency work at the Taptastic Festival in Wilhelmshaven, Germany @Taptastic

Feb 20 – KTE attended & performed KTE work at the Tap Dance Festival UK (TDFUK) where Dr Trish taught a section of Cookie Cook @TDFUK

March 20 – well we have been closed since mid-March due to COVID-19 but still having online sessions and still planning for a fun and exciting summer – Stay Safe!