Welcome to Kerry Tap Ensemble (KTE)

We are a community and a tap dancing performance group for kids, teens & adults: for fun and to spread the joy that is tap dancing as far and wide as we can.

Our Story

Kerry Tap Ensemble was set up in Sept 2017 to support the growth and development of tap dance skill and performance in Kerry. Dr Trish Melton had been teaching tap dance in a number of schools, including her own since 2010 and more and more were asking to get involved. Performances were well received and in order to be ready for more opportunities this performance group was formed and aims to remove any school or geographic barriers and allow tap to flourish. With scholarships and local funding KTE were able to attend TDFUK18 in Manchester, UK. and the first formal performance of the group was well received. In the coming year, there is so much more to come BUT our first year has been an amazing journey


So what’s new and what’s coming up in KTE……

Its been a fun school year so far……

Aug 19 – we kicked off with a workshop with Avalon Rathgeb

Aug 19 – performance at the Rose of Tralee Festival, Kerry, Ireland

Sept 19 – Regular term-time KTE sessions restarted as well as dance school schedule of classes

Oct 19 – Performance at the Camp Fair, Kerry, Ireland

Nov 19 – Avalon came back for her 2nd workshop

Dec 19 – ISTD Tap Exams

Jan 20 – KTE attended & performed residency work at the Taptastic Festival in Wilhelmshaven, Germany @Taptastic

Feb 20 – KTE attended & performed KTE work at the Tap Dance Festival UK (TDFUK) where Dr Trish taught a section of Cookie Cook @TDFUK

March 20 – well we have been closed since mid-March due to COVID-19 but still having online sessions and still planning for a fun and exciting summer – Stay Safe!



KTE has a Patron!

🌟🌟ANNOUNCEMENT 🌟🌟 AVALON RATHGEB IS THE PATRON FOR KERRY TAP ENSEMBLE. I am honoured, excited and over the moon to announce that @avalonrathgeb is now @kerrytapensemble Patron. Having her support of our tap dance development and our goals for the development of tap dancers in Kerry and in Ireland is a dream come true. 💕💕 …